Providing Basic Essentials to Youth In Need

The Giving Closet Project (GCP) provides clothing and hygiene products to students in need, elevating their self-esteem and dignity.​

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Our Why

It Is Not Their Fault

Students are now struggling more than ever from problems caused by situational poverty. The problems affecting our students range from living in unstable environments, homelessness, and lack of access to resources. The Giving Closet Project aims to address some of the most basic problems that our students and schools face through simple, effective solutions. 
One of the most crippling problems school districts face across the country is poverty. Lack of resources, whether it is food, school supplies, hygiene products or clothing, it has a detrimental impact on not only a student’s academic success, but also their social, emotional, and behavioral growth.


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Fill Up: $25,000
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Target: $70,000


Our Story

After serving 15 years as an educator in the Public School System, Jennifer Smith is now working to break the cycle of poverty by focusing on the needs of impoverished students. By providing these students with essential goods and services that they severely lack, they are instilled with the confidence they need to become productive members of society

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