Helping One Child At A Time!


We are teachers, community members and business leaders focused on addressing the problem of homlessness in our schools and communities

​Students in our schools are struggling now more than ever from problems caused by situational poverty. These problems affecting our students range from living in unstable environments, homelessness, and access to resources. The Giving Closet Project aims to address some of the most basic problems that our students and schools face through simple, effective solutions.

Your donation will help us in our Mission to provides clothing and hygiene products to students in need, elevating their self-esteem and dignity.

  • Sponsor For Clothing 90% 90%
  • Sponsor For Hygeine Products 80% 80%
  • Sponsor For Additional Facilities 65% 65%
  • Sponsor For Outreach and Transportation 70% 70%


Give a Donation

Why donate?

To get hundreds of students clean clothing and toiletries each year we rely on support from our community, grants, fundraising and donations. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will be directed towards our efforts to help our students and give them a chance at success! ​

Donation Examples:

  • $25-$50 helps purchase clothing for one student for one week
  • $100 helps purchase 3 outfits for students in need
  • $250 provides MARA ALONZO with new toiletries, 3 outfits, school supplies, and a backpack so that she will be ready for the new year
  • $500 helps 2 students receive everything they need for the school year
  • $1000 sponsors a family of 5 
  • $5000 allows us to sponsor a Lost and Found Makeover at a school that badly needs it, expanding access and strengthening our network of giving. 


Donate your Time 

Join our Volunteer Group and make a difference today.  Our volunteers drive this organization and enable us to reach farther and help more children.   We are looking for both Corporate and Individual volunteers.  We have strong relationships with our volunteers.  


Adopt a Child

There are so many children in Duval County and Palm Beach county fighting the stigma of homelessness.  Contact Us and we can create a plan to sponsor a Student or a Family in need.  Your dollars and your time will create lasting change and forever impact their lives. 

How Can You Help

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