Ways To Donate

As a 501c.3 your donations to our organization are tax deductible.  The money we receive from fundraising allows us to meet our mission and bring our vision to life.  Your donations assist with facility costs, purchasing organizational equipment for schools and laundering clothes.

Donations For Children

Goal: 120000$
Raised: 78000$


We are always in need of youth clothing, school supplies and hygiene products (shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.) Please contact us to schedule your donation.

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Corporate Donations

Goal: 150000$
Raised: 50000$

Corporate donations help sustain our organization, and allow us to plan for the future and build upon success.  We love to partner with Northeast Florida Businesses.  Read more to see our sponsorship levels.

Donate Your Time

Goal: 120000$
Raised: 60000$

Every hand helps.  We depend on volunteers! We particularly want to engage our community’s youth in grades 5th – 12th. Please submit a volunteer application on our Volunteer tab.


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Your Helping Hand

The Needs We Serve

The Giving Closet Project is the help schools need to launder clothes, identify students in need, and donate items to those students.  Reaching out to children in situational poverty and homelessness, and supplying them with their basic needs allows the child to focus on their education and break the cycle of poverty into adulthood. How a child looks and smells impacts their performance in society, and without the basics their confidence will fail to bloom.  Serve the children in our community today through a simple donation.


Personal hygiene has such an impact on a child’s self-image; donations of hygiene products help our kids stay clean and healthy.


Imagine if you were homeless, would you have clothes that fit, clean underwear, fresh socks?
These little things that we all take for granted  a child in poverty not only needs, but deserves. 

School Supplies

When basic needs are met, such as pencils, paper and backpacks, a child can move beyond surviving and begin to thrive.