Launder With Love


The Giving Closet Project believes in the power of clothes to bring change.  Every school has a lost and found. But not every school has a lost and found that systematically organizes misplaced belongings and actively seeks to reunite students with their lost items.

The Giving Closet Project works with schools to transform their lost and found by providing sorting bins, hangers, hooks, racks, custom laundry bags and more to create a space that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The GCP creates a place where students want to reunite with their belongings and upcycle unclaimed clothing to those in need. 

Pickup/Drop Off

Bring us the items in your lost and found.


Help us identify students that need our help.

What We Do

Since April 2016, The Giving Closet Project has performed over a dozen Lost and Found Makeovers, reuniting thousands of lost items and upcycling (cleaning and donating) more than 100,000 pounds of unclaimed clothing from school lost and founds.

Unclaimed clothing becomes part of our inventory, so we can give back to our students in need and school communities. This is just one piece of what we do. In addition, we give schools the resources they need to manage a well-organized lost and found area, so more students can easily reunite with their lost items.